A client shared with me that Saturday January 11th was National Vision Board Day. Which, if I had been on top of things would have been the perfect day to do a vision board workshop. Note: save the date: National Vision Board Day 2021 is January 9th. I will be hosting a workshop that day. 🙂

According to National Day Calendar Kellan Lutz and Ryan Daly submitted National Vision Board Day in June of 2015. In July of 2015, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the day to be observed on the second Saturday in January, annually.

To vision is the faculty or state of being able to see. “I can see clearly now the rain is gone…” Vision is also something seen in a dream or trance, a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation. But, the definition that resonates with me is the act or power of imagination. Especially the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. I mentally shift the “or” to an “and”. The ability to plan the future with imagination AND wisdom. To create a concept of your future that ignites your spirit includes both. Taking the lid off your thinking to dream expansively what is possible. See yourself having, being, doing those things. The wisdom is recognizing what you see as a one year, three year, ten year or longer vision.

To have massive goals is awesome. To put a twenty year dream into a twelve month timeframe is a set up for despair. One of the most clarifying exercises I’ve been through began with “What to you want to be doing in ten years?” We then were lead to set three year goals based on the ten year desire. From that we set one year goals and then six month goals. From there action plans. The clarity of what I was about on a weekly basis to make progress to the ten year dream floored me. Both exciting and humbling and oh so doable. 

I am going to risk here. This is patently uncomfortable. I can feel judgement banging on the door. You will think my aspirations are too small or too heady. But the truth is this is MY vision. No one else gets a say. No one else is going to make it happen but me. Here is my vision board for 2020. I wasn’t able to shared it with my husband and son without emotion and tears. Which means I rocked it. When your vision connects at an emotional level your inner child (subconscious) is lit up. You have connected to one of the most powerful resources in the world.

There are many paths to creating a vision board. At my workshops I walk people through several exercises to connect with what they truly want. To get past the intellectual surface ideals and go deeper. We also talk about their unique attributes, qualities, and skills. What’s in their tool box that will leverage attaining the goals. The guide for my board was a list of affirmations I speak out loud daily.

In 2016 I took a Money Concepts course. In the first module I came face to face with a blind spot. I believe in the abundance of the universe. Except when it came to money. I have been on the path of changing my modes of operation and challenging the ingrained beliefs about money I grew up with. Over the last few years I have been coming clean on where and how I spend. Making intentional choices to pay down debt and live within cash flow. At the same time sourcing the confidence to price my services commensurate with the experience and the value I bring. In this I know I am not alone. We entrepreneurs suffer from undervaluing ourselves and our wares.

My passion is connecting with people. I love the total focus engaging one on one with a client. I am at home speaking on a topic and leading discussion with groups of people. The 2000 strong is not number on social media platforms. Thank God, because I am piss poor (but getting better) at consistently posting. What opens my heart is the idea of personal contact, moving 2000 people a step forward by bringing awareness, shifting a belief, recognizing a strength, cherishing what is, or speaking their truth.  

To be sure, the financial, following, speaking and coaching desires are ambitious. I have minded the gap. When I stand in front of this board with my songs playing I gather energy and excitement. When we put up goals that are too big we run the risk of causing ourselves to shut down. Stretch but don’t overwhelm yourself is the rule of thumb.

Along side the business related visions is the most significant, significant other vision. This relationship above all others is the one that can make or break you. Howard and I are in that curious season. Post children-have-flown-the-nest. There are roles and labels that no longer serve us. Both of us are defining anew our work. We are learning to speak out loud what is present at any given moment. This is hard, emotional, and amazing. The courage it takes to be vulnerable and transparent with my spouse makes connecting with strangers and speaking in front of audiences look like a cake walk.

There are always real life aspects of our existence that can hold sway over what we achieve on the professional plain. Recognizing the influence of those energies as negative or positive is important. You have to take the time to deal with what is. Either celebrating it or changing it to be able to play full out in your business.

I hope that you have a board, book, photo, affirmation or word to guide you. A touch stone that reminds you what you are about. That this year and decade is your oyster. Reminds you who you are. The strong, resilient, talented person capable of making your visions a reality.

For Your Best Possible Self,
Coach Christine Clark