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You have to Ignite to Blaze

24 weeks of rapid expansion.

Training, coaching, and accountability. 

Tools for business success-on-your-terms while addressing the internal mental & emotional blocks that stand between us and a life of significance. 

Your year of amplification begins January 5th! 

Everything you have ever wanted in an online training. 

Join a diverse group of entrepreneurs for live interaction, connection and support.

What’s misguided about having fulfilling work that blends into a life you love? Not a darn thing!
It’s time to release the doubt, connect with your unlimited abilities, 
and start living your entrepreneurial dream.

Is this you...

Struggling to wear all the hats, fill all the roles AND run a business.

Not getting the outcomes you expected. Success feels too slow. Spend time wondering why things are this way and where did I go wrong?

The Sabotage Monsters; Procrastinate, Perfectionist, No consistency, Fear, or Time camping out in you?

Skeptical of coaching.

What I Know...

How to blend entrepreneurship with life, family, & community for greater wealth, ease and connection.

Success depends on the labels you give the event or outcome. The story you tell yourself about what it means can produce energy or drain it away.

The multiple ways we sabotage ourselves when stepping out of our comfort zones going for our dreams and how to get back on track and STAY on track.

Coaching gave me the gift of awareness to understand my limiting beliefs. It allowed me to see the blocks and provided the tools to release them. Through coaching I connected to inner purpose which holds deep meaning and provides the fuel to live life full out.

If you are ready to live in your significance, I’m here for you. If you are willing to make lasting changes and take your business to the top, I’m in your corner. I am so looking forward to meeting you.

My mission is to empower entrepreneurs to create whole life success on their terms.

Entrepreneurs are the most
courageous people I know.

If you have a side hustle, are in direct sales or network marketing, hold the title of agent, consultant, owner, are self employed in any capacity you are extraordinary. You deal with all the usual things the universe can give us in life, plus, all the flux of the business world. Entrepreneurship is living outside the box.

Being in business for yourself is the greatest personal growth program you will ever experience. It can raise you to triumphant heights and drag you to despairing depths. In my experience these extremes can happen within days and sometimes hours of each other. (true story)

They Say

Kristi K.

Owner Copywriter+     Des Moines, Iowa

" I'd be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical to begin with but by the end of our 6 months I can't thank Christine enough. She helped me work through many hesitations, find the right wording, and really start seeing growth in my business. She was a great cheerleader and always gave a perspective that was greatly needed.

Thank you, Christine! "

Matt P.

Polk City, Iowa

" Working with Christine has been Awesome.  The value I have received is not calculable, because it will continue to grow for the rest of my life not just my business.
Her feedback and guidance have been empowering. "