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areas of expertise

Solo Entrepreneurship. Time management. Neuro-Linguistic strategies. Creating clarity and flow to powerfully live a life you love!

What I Know

  •  Blending entrepreneurship with life, family, community for greater wealth, ease and connection.
  • That success depends on the label you give the event or outcome. The story you tell yourself about what it means. You produce energy or drain it away with the language you use.
  • The multiple ways we sabotage ourselves when stepping out of our comfort zones going for our dreams and how to get back on track and STAY on track.

What Coaching Gives Me

The gift of awareness. The gift of understanding my limiting beliefs so I can change them. The gift of pulling out my internal blocks, seeing them clearly and providing the tools to release those blocks. The gift of empowerment by connecting to values and inner purpose which hold deep meaning for me. It has given me a total redirection in life with fuel to live full out.

My Best Client Is Someone Who

Is ready to take their life to the next level. They have made, what they labeled, mistakes. They realize they have bought in to their limiting beliefs. They are now ready to make the shift to authentic action! They want to do the work required of success and are open to looking inside to find their greatness.

If You Really Knew Me, You’d Know:

I sold and road motorcycles in college. I love flavorful food and recipes are just guidelines. I live on a farm. I’m in love with Iowa. I’m a frugalista.

Why I Am A


Best Possible Self

I believe deeply in the coaching model. Bringing a powerful mentor in to your life to guide you so you attain your goals and objectives is one of the best choices you will ever make. I have absolute belief in the golden inner self of each person which is imbued with God given skills and talent. The significance for my life is in being a catalyst for people to embrace the golden authentic person they are. Seeing them excel by showing up as themselves in their business pursuit and life knowing they can have, be, and do anything they desire.



Personal Coaching

Are you ready to take Authentic Action?

Receive personalized experiences by booking:

  • Individual sessions (30 or 60 minute)
  • Or take advantage of our 13-session package (60-minute sessions). We can meet weekly or bi-weekly.

Choose this highly focused coaching option to find greatness and bring forth your best possible self.

Christine is excited to connect with you and help you reach your goals and dreams.

Group Coaching

Growing in a mastermind group is more effective and more fun. That feeling of “being all alone” in your business vanishes.

  • Be apart of a small group, 5-8 participants, for 13 sessions and create a powerful connection.
  • You will receive support and strength to navigate the challenges of life and business while supporting others to do the same.

Have a great group? Want to up level commitment and motivation? Hire Coach Christine to create, facilitate and empower your mastermind.

Speaking Events

Looking for a group speaker? Christine delivers a message that motivates, inspire and empowers. Speaking topics include:

  • How our self-talk and belief systems influence all aspects of life
  • Living in alignment with your personal values
  • Creating and living a life of flow
  • Business success with enriched family relationships
  • Fulfillment of self, the key to living your life dream

Contact Christine to speak at your next event!



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