Multi colored back ground with words "Pronoun" "She/her/hers" "They/them/theirs" "He/him/his"


February 29, 2024

The partner of my oldest son uses they/them pronouns. In a text exchange with my son I used “her” in reference to “them”. I was offering an extra ticket I had to hear a speaker brought to Des Moines, Iowa ...

Should You?

July 25, 2023

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” This is not the old adage warning against youthful vigor and questionable choices. This is a self reflection on the long standing relationship with the man who choose me and whom I ...

Snow with Ginger


February 1, 2022

Winter finally arrived “for real” yesterday. I live in an area that has four seasons each with it’s own personality. I admit to feeling a certain amount of rightness as I shovel heavy snow off the deck. As it should ...

coffee mug

A Coffee Mug

November 10, 2021

This is a favorite coffee mug. One that is in the regular rotation. One I have been using for several years. One that has not blended into life and goes unseen. I usually find myself reading the words and thinking…. ...

Doing Grace

September 16, 2021

Although I was raised saying a prayer before each meal I did not keep up the tradition in my house. When the extended family gathers a prayer is said before the meal. My children know our standard grace and several ...

Forging a Life Radio Show Banner

Forging My Life

March 22, 2021

There are truths for us in the making of Japanese style swords. Also known as samurai swords. Also known as katana. The final destination, that vision and goal from the start is a mesmerizing intricate work of art that is ...

canoe on lake


March 15, 2021

My sister was in town. During dinner one evening there were a few wanders down memory lane. In particular trips to northern Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. For a good span of years it was an annual family vacation. ...

Daniel and Ben

Combing Your Hair

March 8, 2021

Noticed my long haired child combing fresh washed strands. Tearing the hair as the comb was forced top to bottom. I instructed, pointed out, shared my wisdom. Start at the ends. Comb just the last few inches then work your ...

Yoga instructor teaching a yoga class


March 1, 2021

Recently I’ve had awareness how “I can’t” shows up for me. It’s in the tiniest bits of life with no great consequence attached. Some have been food related. This morning: I can’t mop up the egg yoke with brown bread ...