Forging a Life Radio Show

For the Japanese style sword, as in life, the veracity of value is in our steel.  The process from raw bar to beautiful finished katana is complex.  At every phase are truths for us on living, managing, and succeeding.  The steps to create a katana also lead us to an abundant, authentic life.

They Say

Sean Smith

husband, father & entrepreneur -- Morepark, California

" Christine’s message is very engaging, inspiring and incredibly useful! I was riveted by her stories and metaphors about sword making, but even more excited about applying all her principles to my life and business. Great experience! "

Steve Casteel

businessman -- Des Moines, Iowa

" Great presentation! Clear, concise and to the point. "

Andrea Love

Pleasant Hill, Iowa

" I have worked with Christine for over a year. It has been a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally. She has been wonderful to discuss what the base beliefs are that are holding me back in my business. As we work through those, I have seen growth in my business and renewed desire to grow my business so I can help others. "