I am in a joint venture with Lisa Nichols and MTM (Motivating the Masses). We are doing a nine month personal development course Elevate Extraordinaire. I am one of several coaches providing one on one coaching for the participants.  The personal coaching built into an online course is exceptional.  The potential for these people to make changes in their lives and progress on their goals is exponentially better because of the addition of one on one support.  I am delighted to be a part of this project.


As a member of the team I am obligated to engage in the program.  Be on the live calls, watch the videos, do the homework, and participate in the Facebook group.   To show up as a comrade and as a leader.  I stepped in to this venture because of the opportunity. Now in it I’ve had varying amounts of internal turmoil; irritation, overwhelm uncertainty, vulnerability.  The push me pull you to show up well and not spend more time than is needed. This is only one piece of my life and work.


Being in my own dodo and working through the dodo is ripe with learnings.  So far:


Just do the work.  Quit whining about the extent of the homework and just do it.  Magically when I’m taking action it is not so burdensome.


Ask for help.  When I got over the shame of saying what was really going on in my head to my friend and colleague Jenn she listened and offered me a RIM session.  The session grounded and anchored me.


Stand on your foundations.  I’ve picked meditation back up.  I’m journaling and beginning to speak out loud what I am grateful for.  These are touchstones for me.  Stuff I’ve let slide, but now bring back with intent.  They help get me through.


None of these lessons is new.  None of them are profound.  It is just remembering what we already know.  Choosing to look for ways to manage the disempowering internal turmoil.  New opportunities, collaborations, adventures push us outside our comfort zones.  There will be discomfort and uncertainty along side the excitement.  Sometimes the turmoil is cause for us to second guess ourselves or turn back.  It is easy in the midst to forget what we already know.   The capacity to do the work in front of us, to ask for help, to assist ourselves is always present.  We get to learn these truths again.


Coach Christine Clark
For Your Best Possible Self