I am in the middle of a minor remodel. Painting the kitchen. Which so far has involved dry scrapping wallpaper, re-scrapping wallpaper wetted, and sanding the wall to smooth out the texture so I can stencil (eventually). 

Here’s what’s showing up so far. It is a bigger project i.e. more work than originally thought. My expectations on time frame have been shot to hell. But, since this is a side project and a just-for-me creative outlet. It is easy to let go of the expectation and be okay with what gets done. 

Normal (for me) would be to stress out on what is NOT being accomplished. To question my work ethic, my ability to manage, and allow my subconscious to list all the reasons I’m not enough.

Can you relate?

I can’t think of anyone I know who doesn’t have some sort of wanting-to-be-further-ahead than they are. It’s human to get wound up and stressed out over what has not happened or is not progressing. In truth we are moving forward. We’re learning, growing, steadily becoming our best possible selves.

If we could let go of expectations in business, house keeping and other areas of life. There would be more flow. We could claim greater happiness and joy. The energy around those income producing actions might be the lifted spirit of delight rather than a weighted drudgery. All of which we desire, so, the question is “How?” How can we let go of the expectations?

In reality there are endless ways to shift perspective. My nugget came last night. Finishing up with the main wall I spoke out loud “That’ll do. Good job.” Is it perfect? No. Is it done? No. Am I satisfied with my effort? YES.

Speaking those words was the zinger. That crack to let light in. They opened my brain acknowledging the feeling of ease and acceptance. Lead to wondering how to have THIS energy in real life.

This is my revealed How: I have experienced steady work. Energetically I know what it feels like. I registered progress because I looked for it. (Running my hand across the wall, hundreds of times as I sanded, feeling for the smoothing out.) 
Last I can anchor these understandings with “That’ll do. Good job.”. Posting these phrases where I can see them. Reminders to let go of stress. To celebrate all the baby step progressions. I might even find a picture of Babe to put up. :}

Claim a How for yourself. Think of a time when everything was clicking. Register the emotions. Feel them in your body. What were you doing right? Select a touch phrase as an anchor. Use it to connect to that positive energy that winning mind set.

Let me know how your How goes.

For Your Best Possible Self,
Coach Christine Clark