What Are You Worth?

Over the weekend I worked at clearing the overgrowth from the
asparagus patch. The patch was planted by my husband’s mother and father.  It is over 50 years old and has always produced, but in my tenure it has not been cared for.  Working to dig out the grass and weeds being mindful not to disturbed the asparagus spoke to me in metaphor.
Most of us put off clearing up our lives.  When we begin there is decades and decades of ingrained behavior, disempowering beliefs, and stories about what we are and are not capable of.  The overgrowth.  Mixed in is all the good stuff.  Connectedness, talent, skill, tenacity, love, and spirit.
To clear away the weeds is heavy work.  You have to go deep, loosen the soil, apply leverage and pressure.  Then gently lift out what is in the way.  Bit by bit what is desirable, healthy, nourishing, sustaining is revealed.  You can clearly see the good stuff.  It is easier to access.  There is room to flourish.
The work is hard and can be exhilarating as you fling that root ball into the ditch.  Watching it arc through the air sailing away is immensely satisfying.  There is gratifying weariness that accompanies deep work.  Your soul sings from the shift, the new perspective.  There is an expansion of the heart understanding yourself better.

We can also see other pieces that need work.  Did I clear the asparagus patch?  Not by a long shot. I made progress.  I can appreciate my results.  Take pride in my efforts.  I can come back and do more.  The key is to continue to tend the patch over time.  Maintain.  Because just like self development one go and done is a myth.  If I do nothing more the weeds and grass will creep back in.  So it is in our lives.  The break through is glorious.  If we don’t put practices in place to support ourselves the old patterns will seep in and entangle our spirit once more.
Do the work.  Go deep if you can.  Appreciate your results.  Maintain. Soar.  Be your best possible self.
For Your Best Possible Self
Coach Christine Clark