There some colloquialisms that I’ve learned living in the country.  I have a love hate relationship with the central Iowa rural colloquialisms.  I love the language aspect.  The vibrancy of description.  “Slicker than snot on a corn cob.”  I also muse over what the origin might be.  How did THAT come to be a measure of slippery?  I have issues with phrases that are confining or demeaning.  Number one on my list “Good enough for who it’s for.”  Meaning that if it is for yourself or someone in your family low quality, get by, shoddy work, or quick and dirty is okay.  The underlying message (which goes against the life coach grain) you are not worthy of having better.  “Don’t be thinkin’ you’re something special.”

Urrrrgh! I can feel myself ‘aimin’ for a fight.’  Wanting to ‘hit em upside the head with a carp’. “Don’t you realize the emotional and mental impact of saying that to those you love!?”  But, that is not where this post is going.

I recently had to reevaluate (change my story) on a particular colloquialism.  “The more you do the more there’s to get done.”  Also known as “The harder you work the more work there is to do.” My previous stories: A) This phrase was negative, bashing putting forth effort.  Don’t try because all it will do is create more work. That you’ll work and never have reward.  B)  Holding yourself as a victim or slave to the work.  No matter how much you do it will not be enough.  Neither train of thought is helpful in keeping yourself engaged.  Neither connects well to inspired mental or emotional energy.


Recently I’ve stepped up my game.  In preparation for the “My  Inner Three Year Old is a Hooligan” event I laid out action steps to do some free webinars.  This gives me an opportunity to practice sections of my content for the three hour workshop.  It also provides a preview for potential attendees.  To market the webinars I scheduled myself to create email campaigns.  At the first of March, laying this out on a blank monthly calendar it felt good for spacing and timing.  Now that I’m into the tasks revelations are occurring.

As so often happens what looks good on paper is challenging in real life.  Greg McKeown in his book “Essentialism” talks about the human tendency to under estimate the time needed to complete tasks. Yup, bullseye.  Also, according to Christine Clark, we tend not to take into account what else we are already doing when we add in a new intention.  It feels like there is more work, well, because there is.

The bigger revelation for me was the drawing back of the curtain to reveal other possibilities.  It’s like cleaning up a truly messy room.  As items are removed and put away more becomes visible.  You love the progress and can see the cleared floor space, yet, there is more to do.  I’m excited about the webinars.  It feels good.  Feels solid.  I want to invite more people in.  This energy pulls back the curtain to see all the ways I could get the word out.  Most notably all the social media platforms.  It hit me.  I’m in the middle of “The more you do the more there’s to get done.”  But, this is not a negative or victim energy.  This is clarity.  This is purpose.

By stepping beyond what we are currently doing we grow.

While we can speculate the benefits of taking action, there are hidden treasures that will only be revealed when we engage with the work.

The more we do, the more we are capable of doing, the more opportunities present themselves.  Far from being a bad thing it is life at its fullest.  When you choose to look at it that way.  I see that now.

For Your Best Possible Self,
Coach Christine Clark