Spoke with a friend the other day who found herself in flux. Since their small town cancelled Fourth of July celebrations her family made plans for private gathering, food, and fireworks. Then a patron of the town announced he would provide a fireworks display. The family plans were now being reexamined. They are in flux. I feel there has been loads of fluctuation in the first half of 2020. It does not appear that the second half will be any less turbulent. While there are specific things currently triggering more uncertainty; Covid 19, renewed Civil Rights movement with BLM; the truth is that the world is always changing. Our lives are never without waves, turmoil, challenges, choices and outcomes.

Most people wish for smooth sailing. Desire greater stability. Ask someone how it is going and they reply it’s in flux. Do you hear it’s fine or do you hear things could be better?

A circumstance that fluctuates is uncertain. Uncertainty can breed strain, polarization, reactionary thinking. Life fluctuating can also get us to focus with intent. Think of walking on a narrow paved path. Now think of walking a balance beam. Then imagine walking a highwire tightrope. As the space to place our feet narrows and we are further off the ground the greater our concentration. The rope gives with our weight and swings a little. All of which heightens our focus.

In the world of custom knives there is damascus steel. Two or more different steels are forge welded together. The resulting layered steel has beautiful patterns. The different steels show up as light and dark strips swirling around each other increasing the blades value do to it’s pleasing aesthetic.

However to still be a useful tool the steel must be solid. Gaps and bubbles between the layers deem the bar of damascus un-fit. It’s trash. Having the layers weld solidly together is paramount.Flux is required. Flux is the material used between the layers of steel. Flux cleans the surfaces, frees them of oxide and promotes the union of the steels. Without flux there cannot be a solid whole.

To be in flux is to have heightened awareness. We get to focus on what is right in front of us. We can listen, hold space, take action. Being in flux removes the extraneous. It clears away that which is inconsequential grounding us. To stand solid while our lives fluctuate we have to let go. Let go of expectations on how the world should operate. Let go of our preconceived notions and judgements. Let go of our stories, our guilt and shame.

I do not deny that it can be deeply disturbing in the fluctuations of life. It can call to question what we know and believe about ourselves, about others. Without it we don’t come clean. Without it we don’t reveal our layers and release the intrinsic beauty of who we are.

For Your Best Possible Self

Coach Christine Clark