Yesterday morning much was covered in ice. It had rained as the temperature dropped. All the branches were adorned with frozen drips. Baby icicles. Later in the day, as the sun came through the clouds, they would sparkle briefly. Tiny diamond ornaments melting.

It is spring in Iowa. Today the sun shone warm and the breeze was mildly cool. Buds are opening. The forsythias have bloomed. They are the true harbingers for the change of season. When the forsythias riot bright yellow the rest are not far behind.

The buds and blooms are a life line. A fresh deep breath. An opportunity to gather myself and recenter. I (we) have been disrupted quite thoroughly. We are weeks into a roller coaster ride called Unknown or Chaos or No Certainty or Uncharted Territory. There are good days and bad days. Moments of normalcy, connection, beauty, acts of kindness, support, and laughter. There’s numbing with comfort food, chocolate, wine, whisky, and binge watching Netflix. There are rants, disbelief, anger, and irritation.


I notice that I’m aware of, drawn to, the good stuff now. People out walking. The flowers lining a grocery store foyer. Talking with a friend. Music. The smell of my neighbors bonfire. Warm from the oven chocolate chip cookies. These things speak louder at present. They are precious, stabilizing, elevating.

I am reminded that we grow through adversity. Long term struggle is untenable. We can not maintain being stretched tight. We either release or snap. I’ve had my overwhelm. Swam in the waters of disbelief. The disruption is no longer blindsidedly new. The pendulum is swinging back to center. It’s getting easier to focus on the work and the people in front of me. Ways to stay positive, like noticing the flowers, are apparent.

Nature can move from ice to blossoms in a day. We too can move from disruption to flow. Maybe not in a day, but we can get there. And here’s the really cool part. When you experience adversity you build both strength and resiliency. Things that would have frightened you will no longer have that power. You will glide through situations that could have pulled you up short.

We will not only get through this; we will be stronger and more capable for it.

For Your Best Possible Self
Coach Christine Clark