I am feeling more on an even keel this last week. The energies of the world, living in a state of unknowing, are smoothing out for me. Have you ever driven somewhere new and had the trip there seem longer than the trip back? Sometimes there is increased vigilance looking for the right road in unknown territory first time ’round. Once you’ve made the same trip a few times it’s so smooth. That’s where I’m at. What was once
shockingly new is now known. The closures and new ways of operating are familiar enough to not create big waves. It’s an indication of our resilience. The human capacity to deal with the world.

I will not say the new normal. I quite frankly abhor that phrase. I do not want this to be our normal. To live stressed with fear. Having government close businesses en masse with a sweep of a pen. To not be at choice to attend a movie or concert, gather with friends, shop for spring shoes. When experiencing anything new we have increased vigilance. It’s normal to be on. As I can breath and be more centered vigilance is not something to let go of.

Vigilance is NOT watching the steady stream of media and information updates. Small doses if you must. I am one of the ones who is off the info grid. I have been for years and am certainly not changing that now. Much that is disseminated leads with “be afraid” and “how awful”. To find center and emotional balance it is essential to limit information input.

Unsplashed photo by Casey Horner

Unsplashed photo by Darius Bashar

Unsplashed photo by Todd Quackenbush

By vigilance I mean awareness. As you form opinions and make choices look for the why, the come from. Do your words and actions reflect your core values? Are you operating from fear and stress or calm and collected? Are you acting as an individual or being swept up by the bandwagon? The unprecedented circumstance and the information over load (even off the grid) can cause us to be off balance. Can have us grasping for stabilizing straws without rhyme or reason. “Just please God give me something solid to hang on to!”

We forget to look inside. It doesn’t occur to us to pull strength and stability from within. We are unsure of ourselves because we’ve been pitched out of our comfort zones. The natural subconscious response to moving out of the comfort zone is to protect. Our brains will say ANYTHING to get us to come back to where it’s safe. Usually focused on our not enoughness. Anyone who has ever done something new has experienced this. Anyone who has ever done something new has also learned; grown; gained new skills and perspectives; AND expanded their comfort zone

The current circumstance is unique because universally we did not choose to step out. We were flung out. However for each of us individually this is not the first time life has given us something we did not choose. Each of you have met challenges, dealt, survived and even flourished in the face of tough times. Each of you have everyday hero stories. Each of you have an inner well of clarity, calm, strength, knowledge, understanding, compassion, love, and resilience. Tap into that as you form opinions and make choices. Trust yourself.

For Your Best Possible Self
Coach Christine Clark