Sitting on the deck as the sun begins to set.  I love sunrises and sunsets.  Watching light shift color and change hues. The sun’s light plays with blue sky and white cloud creating endless panoramic scenes.  There is no limit to what can be created with the light from the sun.  We can live 100 years and never see the same image twice.

When you send light through a prism it is bent and fragmented coming out the other side as rainbow.  The diversity of color is always in the light.  It just doesn’t show what it can do until deflected from it’s straight line course. 
Each of us is light.  We have light within us.  We shine light to those around us.  Many of us hide our light too afraid to be brilliant.  Too concerned of the judgement from others if we burn too bright.  We can feel exposed and vulnerable when people take notice of our brilliance.  We wait for the smack down.  Sometimes the feeling of pride and fulfillment that accompanies shining bright is unsettling.  The good vibe is so foreign to the body that does not love itself.  To the mind that does not appreciate your accomplishments.

Still each of us is light.  Our light is meant to shine.  What is inside; all the skills, talents, and unique attributes is intended to be shared.  You have  inner gifts.  You have a story to be told or a discovery to be made or a creation to be constructed.  Whatever that thing is that burns in your heart of what you could be, do, have recognize it as your light. 


Just like the sun engaging with the clouds and blue sky your possibilities are endless.  Just like the sun with sky and cloud you have everything you need.  Within is a wide spectrum also.  Here’s the catch.  To access the rainbow you have to be waylaid or bent out of shape.  Some of the most magnificent sunsets happen because of storm clouds. Claiming your light and stepping into your brilliance doesn’t magically happen.  It is almost guaranteed to NOT look like you thought it would.  So when your straight track gets derailed or when the storm clouds roll in we take it as a sign.  A sign

that we are not up to the task.  A sign that we are on the wrong path.  Because let’s face it if I was meant to be (insert heart’s desire) it would be easier.  And I sure as hell would be further along than I am. Sound familiar?

That is just the ego protecting it’s self esteem and the inner child keeping you safely inside the comfort zone.  Your light is still there amid the storm and detours.  In truth those very things are required if you are to reach maximum wattage.  Look for the messages and learning that are present when life is throwing curve balls.  Ask how does this show what I’m made of?  What’s my rainbow?  

To shine you have to believe more in your brilliance than you do in the storm clouds.  Know this too, the world needs your unique light.  There are people waiting for exactly what you have to offer.  You have the power to add color and illuminate the world. Shine on.

For Your Best Possible Self
Coach Christine Clark
Photos sourced from Unsplash
Blue Clouds by Nathan Dumlao
White Clouds by Sam Schooler
Gold clouds by Tom Barrett
Orange Clouds by Laura Vinck