Lessons We Keep Learning

Sunshine, blue skies, opening the house, the smell of freshly cut grass; these things fill my spirit. Yesterday I dealt with a toleration (i.e. something that on some level is annoying) by washing the walls in the hallway. I also deep cleaned the bathroom. I was energized by the work and the look of really really clean. The sense of accomplishment is a balm. It’s a lesson I keep learning.

For the last few weeks I’ve been mired. Going at a slug’s pace. Still accomplishing things, still showing up for meetings, still coaching my clients, but with an air of feeling my way through fog. I attach to what is not getting done. Then comes the laying on of shame. “You are a life coach for pity sakes. You get people free from this shit all the time. What the hells wrong with you?” The shame blame game never gets us anywhere. So I muzzle that voice and carry on.

Then at some point I take action. I step in to actually doing a thing. Like deep cleaning. Calling five people. Writing content. The action breaks the spell, light pierces the fog. I’m out of the mire and back on good ground. THEN I remember this lesson: Action cures lethargy.

Maybe you can relate. What lessons have you repeated? Do you ever marvel, once
you are on the other side of a thing and have that hindsight clarity, how could I not
know this (again)? It’s one of the parts that keeps me engaged with life coaching. We can learn and grow and have peridime shifts and the old patterns are still there.

Success can be mastery of a behavioral mode. Success is also understanding what
triggers you. Is also the shortening of the cycle from in it to free of it. It’s the steady
learning curve that defines the win. And, it is celebrating when you break free or are
back on good ground that seals the victory.

If you are enjoying the sunshine, noticing the flowers, or appreciating what’s around you then you are defiantly doing something right.

For Your Best Possible Self
Coach Christine Clark


Photos sourced from Unsplash
Cloud in Blue Sky by Sam Balye
Green Grass by Sharon McCutcheon